burn the city to the ground
La Dispute - Woman (Reading)
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And I pause where I am for a second when I hear your name
Sometimes I think I see your face in improbable places
Do those moments replay for you?
When I’m suddenly there and then won’t go away
When you’re sitting in the living room reading for the afternoon
Do you put your book down, look and try to find me there?

Streetlight Manifesto - A Better Place, A Better Time
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And even if it was so
I wouldn’t let you go
You could run run run run but I will follow close
Someday you will say “that’s it, that’s all”
But I’ll be waiting there with open arms to break your fall
I know that you think that you’re on your own
But just know that I’m here
And I’ll lead you home
If you let me
She said “forget me”
But I can’t